Sunday, April 19, 2015

this project is quickly expanding, I have removed the remainder of the Sheetrock on the ceiling of the basement exposing some additional issues. check out the attached video. strangely all of the floor joist on the left side of the supporting post are double (true) 2x8 this is good because the majority of the weight is on that side kitchen full bath tiled. everything on the right side is not so good it looks like the floor joist are sagging approximately 4". At this point I don't see how I can go without correcting this. directly above this sag is a load Bering wall all the way up two 1/2 floors. Everything above has been compensated to adjust for this sag (hide it) i.e floors, stairs ect so by correcting this I am accepting that the stairs and the tile floor in a half bath are going to need replacing along with lots of Sheetrock cracks.